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SynaVoice supports a federal agency in developing and conducting their annual customer satisfaction survey distributed to over 25,000 federal customers. Survey results are used to set priorities and develop action plans.


SynaVoice works with the business lines to develop a common set of survey questions and response scales; cleanses, formats and aggregates the customer data for input into the survey; programs and tests the survey in an industry-leading digital survey platform; develops external communications to accompany the survey; analyzes the data and produces multiple reports for management. 


SynaVoice supports a government organization in expanding their curriculum and course offerings to stakeholders on Capitol Hill. The courses align to the leadership, management, and administrative learning paths. Course topics include communications, constituent relations, and office dynamics. SynaVoice is currently developing courses on public relations crisis communications and Train the Trainer. 

Policy Consolidation

SynaVoice helped a federal agency to consolidate their policy into a comprehensive, authoritative handbook.  The handbook consolidated more than 650 policy artifacts and translated hundreds of pages of policy into a consistent and coherent format. SynaVoice worked with the agency to develop a more efficient process for releasing policy and provided project management for the quarterly release of policy updates.

Organizational   Assessment

SynaVoice supports an internal departmental review for a financial services company to define current state and recommend improvements to ensure alignment of processes and resources with industry best-practices.

Millennial Outreach

SynaVoice developed a social media strategy and campaign to attract millennial first-time home buyers. The campaign addressed commonly held misconceptions about buying a home. Vertical video and digital ads are used to drive traffic to a website for more information. The campaign is designed to improve the image of the brand with this important buying segment.

Training and Outreach

SynaVoice supports a federal agency in providing stakeholder training for its products, services and policies. SynaVoice created a standard format and templates for fact sheets, brochures, cards, and pamphlets.  SynaVoice has developed over 120 pieces of collateral featuring more than a dozen products targeting more than ten distinct user groups.


The collateral augments webinar-based training and is distributed online and at outreach events as stand-alone information for stakeholders.

Technology Survey

SynaVoice works with the PR Council to deliver and analyze a member survey to explore use of technology in marketing and communications.

Online Service Catalog

SynaVoice created a catalog to market priority Information Technology (IT) and financial services to federal agencies to raise awareness and gain customer participation. Geared towards CFOs of federal agencies, the catalog provided a high-level look at the most critical information around priority services.

System Development Life Cycle

SynaVoice assisted a federal bureau in streamlining a bureau-wide onboarding process. The process included introducing a customer to a service and then implementing that service for the customer organization. To streamline the process, SynaVoice developed common phases and recognizable nomenclature based on the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model for use by all staff.


SynaVoice supported the client in training and communicating the new, uniform process. A visual quick reference guide was developed to help staff follow process steps easily and stick to the new language.

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