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Amy Emmatty


Amy uses data and insights to solve clients’ business challenges, improve brand perceptions, and increase product usage.

Julie Kind

Client Service

Julie provides strategic guidance and project management for clients’ mission-critical initiatives and outreach events.

Tia Malloy 


Tia helps organizations develop meaningful relationships with their stakeholders by creating relevant content that motivates behavior change.

Curt Doty


Curt provides creative visualizations of client concepts and messages for use in print, video, and online messaging.

Sharon McHale

Public Relations

Sharon provides clients with public relations strategies, plans, and content to manage routine and crisis-related needs.

Lisa Shea Mundt


Lisa leads clients in facilitated sessions to hone their messages, delivery, and business strategies.

Sharla Bailey


Sharla helps organizations build programs that facilitate the learning and development of their people, fostering an engaged and goal-oriented workforce.

Mike Konczal

Change Management

Mike provides plans and messaging to help stakeholders manage and adapt to organizational change.

Amber Hart


Amber uses research to analyze government trends and opportunities for business development.

Colleen Hammersley


Colleen helps clients uncover and make use of the right data to build their business.

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