IRS Customer Survey

SynaVoice supports the Internal Revenue Service in conducting two surveys designed to evaluate the burden of tax filing on different stakeholder groups.

SynaVoice edits the communications, prepares the invitations and reminders for printing, and conducts the online survey.


Customer Survey

SynaVoice supports a federal agency in developing and conducting their annual customer satisfaction survey distributed to more than 45,000 federal customers. Survey results are used to set priorities and develop action plans.

SynaVoice works with the business lines to develop a common set of survey questions and response scales; cleanses, formats and aggregates the customer data for input into the survey; programs and tests the survey in an industry-leading digital survey platform; develops external communications to accompany the survey; analyzes the data and produces more than 30 reports for management. 


Technology Survey

SynaVoice worked with the PR Council to deliver and analyze a member survey to explore use of technology in marketing and communications.


Organizational Assessment

SynaVoice supported an internal departmental review for a financial services Fortune 50 company to define current state and recommend improvements to ensure alignment of processes and resources with industry best-practices.